There are many, many reasons why people around the world drink Chinese tea.

This article discusses just a few of them…

Health Benefits of Chinese Tea

We have always been told that Chinese teas have lots of health benefits.

Here are some notable ones:

  • Helps lose weight
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Prevent kidney disease
  • Prevents obesity
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Increases immunity
  • Lowers blood pressure

Although it may look like that it is part of a commercial or an ad but it did work for a majority of the Chinese population since time immemorial. And back in November 2001, scientific community has found some evidence that Chinese tea can prevent cancer.

Additionally, back in 2013 according to the University of Michigan, Green tea can prevent or fight Alzheimer’s disease.

So this goes to show that the health benefits that one can get from Chinese tea is more than just a myth.

Psychological Effects

Upset, stress or anxious?! Go grab a cup of tea and you’re back to your old self.

According to the study of Dr. Malcolm Cross at City University of London, even a single cup of tea can reduce anxiety levels after you suffered a stressful event. Every tea drinker would attest to the great psychological benefits it brings after drinking it.

A Way of Life

Drinking a cup of tea is not just because of its health and psychological benefits, for many, it is part of everyday life.

Drinking tea with friends and chatting all day will certainly boost anyone’s spirit.

A cup of tea when you wake up will certainly boost your productivity and makes you ready for the day ahead.


Drinking a cup of tea makes us realize that the taste of the tea is not what makes it more appealing but instead it is the process that makes it great. The process of getting that “ideal” flavor is like our everyday life.

  • We Think – we need to think which type of tea that is we want to brew. It is like picking the choices that we made in our life.
  • We Fail – the brewing process we made is not correct that the tea is so bad that it is not suitable to drink which is comparable to the wrong choices that we made in our lives.
  • We Reflect – what are the things that made the tea taste that bad, was it the water temperature? The amount of tea leaves? It is the same as thinking of the bad decisions and judgement that we made that greatly affect our lives.
  • We Succeed – We eventually get the right combination of tea leaves and water temperature and extract the rich flavor that we always wanted on our tea after countless reflections on our mistakes during the whole process. And In our lives, we succeed after several trials and errors we meet in the way.

More Than Just a Drink

To sum it up, Chinese tea is not an ordinary drink.

Chinese tea enlightens tea drinkers in countless ways.

After drinking tea, some individuals, learn to appreciate life, respect others, be discipline, some even look deeper into Chinese culture to look for more ways to improve positivity and inspiration for their lives.