If your hotel, restaurant, cafe or tea shop is looking for the very highest quality Chinese teas, then you have come to the right place!

We supply Chinese teas including Green, Black, White & Oolong teas as well an extensive range of Chinese teaware.

ChineseTeas101.com – An Official Pure Tea Distributor

ChineseTeas101.com are proud to be an offical Pure Tea distributor.

We love working with Pure Tea thanks to their high quality range of organic Chinese teas.

Why Choose ChineseTeas101.com?

There are many reasons to source your Chines teas from ChineseTeas101.com including: –

  • All teas are organic
  • Quality is extremely high
  • Delivery times are fast and punctual
  • We stock all the Chinese teas & teaware you’ll ever need
  • You save even more money by opening a trade account

How to Open a Trade Account?

To open a trade account please call 07884 070340 and ask for Marco.

Alternatively, go to our Contact Us page and send an email enquiry.