There are so many Chinese Teas to choose from it is almost impossible to pick the best teas.

For that reason, this list includes one favourite Chinese tea from each group of Chinese teas with the assurance that there is something for all tastes and requirements, whether you wish to be invigorated, warmed, energised or comforted.

This is a short introductory list designed to help make your taste test choices a little easier for you.

Best White Tea

Ronnefeldt Silver Yunnan Organic white tea is an organic loose-leaf tea from the Yunnan province in the south-west of China.

This tea is as beautiful to look at in its caddy as it is delicious to taste. It has large bright silver leaf buds which when infused have a full flavoured taste.

The taste is delicately fruity and flowery and is the perfect tea on a spring or summer’s afternoon.


Best Oolong Tea

Oolong tea originated in the Fujian province of China.

It is the appearance of the tea leaves that give it the name meaning dragon’s tails. Oolong tea can vary in taste due to its time spent fermenting so here we recommend two Oolong teas of differing flavours;

Tie Guan Yin is one of the most famous Chinese Oolong teas. It is from the Wangjia gardens and is semi fermented.

China Superior Fancy Oolong tea is of exceptional quality. It is a very rare and delicious tea with a fragrant aroma.

Best Green Tea

One of our favourite Chinese green teas is the organic and finely handpicked Chinese Green Jade Needle Tea from the garden of Dongzhai, situated in the province of Yunnan.

This jade tea is of exquisite taste with a great versatile character of gentle tartness and fruitiness. These leaves can be infused several times.

Best Chai Tea 

The wonderful Chai Bag Cinnamon Blend offers a full-bodied Assam tea blended with delightful cinnamon spices.

Creating a winter warming smooth chai tea this is the perfect choice for those cold winter days when you want to snuggle under a duvet or to celebrate Christmas with loved ones.

Best Black Tea

Golden Yunnan Dongzhai tea is a wonderfully characterful first grade black tea with sweet and malty notes from the south of Yunnan.

The precious fresh young buds are hand-picked for a high quality black tea tasting experience.

Best Pu-ehr Tea 

Ronnefeldt Pu-erh Organic is not only highly regarded as one of the best Chinese Pu-ehr teas for its rich, deep bodied flavours but also for its health benefits.

This unique tea contains high levels of polyphenols which are highly antioxidant and vastly speed up the process of weight loss through its fat burning properties.

It is also believed to benefit stress management, aid digestion and control levels of cholesterol.

Tea is such an important part of Chinese tradition it has been engrained in the culture for thousands of years. Each region has its own variation of tea with its own identity equally as unique as the regional identities, climates and environments.

Whether you are a real tea connoisseur or if you have only recently discovered the joys of tea there really is a tea that you will fall in love with.

You may wish to find a tea that will energise you when you wake in the morning or help you relax after a long hard day at work. You may know someone who the perfect gift can only be a beautiful caddy of delicious loose leaf Chinese tea but you’re at a loss as to which to choose.

We know that when you start looking for that perfect tea it can seem a somewhat daunting journey to embark on. Where do you start? What do you choose? There’s so much to choose from, it’s baffling!

Well, worry not! We have a team of true tea aficionados at Chinese Tea 101 who are happy to help you discover the perfect tea whatever it is you are looking for.