As mentioned in our previous article, Gaiwan is a teaware that is used for the infusion of tea leaves and tea drinking.

And some of the best teas ideal for a Gaiwan are:

  • Lower or medium quality tea
  • Visually appealing tea not necessary
  • Good quality green tea

Ideal Tea Types for Glass Brewing

Glass teapots are best for brewing tea that are great to look at.

One of the best attraction of these teaware is that the color of the infusion and the tea leaves can be appreciated and evidently seen while brewing.

Some of the ideal tea types that works best with Glass are:

  • Green Tea
  • Flower Tea
  • Other good or high quality tender tea that is visually appealing

Why Use Gaiwan & Glass for Brewing?

Aside from being convenient and casual, the two mentioned brewing methods use low heat for the overall process.

Both brewing methods are the standard brewing method for high grade Green Tea and Kung Fu Tea that can easily get over brewed on a high temperature. And since both the Glass and Gaiwan loss heat quickly, over brewing your fine teas is out of the question.

The Glass and Gaiwan brewing methods are in fact similar with the difference of the visual appeal provided by the Glass method, where you will be able to see the tea leaves as they slowly floats around which is both calming and relaxing sight to behold.

How to Brew Using Gaiwan & Glass

I believe this is the part of the article that you are looking for and what made you come and visit our site.

So without further ado, here’s what you need to do:

  1. For heavy tea (those tea that has rolled or solid leaves). First, fill a glass or a cup with 1/3 hot water. Then, drop the tea leaves from above and wait for it to sink. Lastly, before filling up and covering the teapot wait at least 2 minutes for it to expand.
  2. For light tea (those tea that has thin leaves, that doesn’t sink). First, put your tea in a glass or cup. Then, pour in 1/3 hot water. Lastly, wait for it to expand before filling and covering it up.
  3. For Oolong or Black Tea. Follow the first two step mentioned above but you can start with a full glass or cup of water instead of 1/3.
  4. For Glass brewing method, after you are done doing the first two steps. You can watch the tea leaves sway in the glass and drink after about three to five minutes. For Gaiwan brewing method, since the teapot is not made for visual appreciation of the tea inside, you can go and do some things that you want and get back to the Gaiwan after around 3-5 minutes (this includes waiting for additional 2 minutes for the tea to expand) and drink. For brewing time of your favorite tea, please do refer to our brewing table which can be found here.
  5. Next step is to refill the tea if you noticed that is down to 1/3 cup.
  6. Repeat until such time that the flavor of the tea fades out.