This article is about loose leaf teas that are more much tastier and fresher than tea bags.

I’m pretty sure that you have in one point heard of the names black tea, green tea, red tea, Oolong tea and many more but you can’t count them all right?!

There are eight classes of Chinese Tea that branch out into even more kinds of tea:

  1. Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. Oolong Tea
  4. White Tea
  5. Red Tea
  6. Yellow tea
  7. Compressed Tea
  8. Flower or Scented Tea

Black Tea

Black tea is a class of tea that is fully fermented.

Also this tea is a popular tea and considered as everyday tea by the westerners.

Since it’s an emulsifier for cholesterol and fat, black tea is the class of tea you should drink if you want to cleanse your digestive channel.

Green Tea

Among the eight classes, green tea is the most natural one.

This is due to the fact that this tea is only dried using natural heat without undergoing any fermentation process.

Aside from the fact that Green tea has very low caffeine, it is said that among all the tea class this tea has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Oolong Tea

This tea class is very popular for Kung Fu Tea and famous among the province of Guangdong, Taiwan and Fujian in Southeastern part of china.

Its thick flavor is because of the partial fermentation process which the tea undergone.

For all those junk food eaters, this tea class might be the one for you. Oolong tea is used to prevent heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis as well as tooth decay.

Also Oolong tea is the only tea class that is also a tea type.

Red Tea

Red tea is not that popular in China as compared to others on these list.

There are instances that Red tea is being translated on English as “Black Tea”.

One reason could be is that the level of fermentation for Red Tea reaches that of Black tea based on international standards.

White Tea

Closely similar to Green Tea except that white Tea is roasted. Light aroma, color and lowest caffeine content best describes this tea class.

Yellow Tea

Although most similar to Green tea, the smell of Yellow Tea is of that of a Black Tea.

Also even though this tea class has its own distinct taste, the taste of these tea is similar to that of green and white tea.

Compressed Tea

A very common tea class in the western and southwestern part of china, Pu’er is one example of this tea.

Compressed tea should be stored at room temperature and in contact with air for its continuous fermentation process.

Just like wine, as the age of these tea cakes increase so does it values.

The best way to prepare compress tea is to boil it; though Kung fu brewing works just fine.

Flower or Scented Tea

In Northern China, this class of tea is very popular, its base can be either green, black or any color and flower petals can be added to the mix. See some flower/scented tea examples here.