In China, there are a billion people using different brewing methods to get their ideal cup of tea, it is a part of their everyday life.

Some of these brewing methods won’t need a guide for you to do it.

In this article we will feature some of the most applied brewing methods in South China. It is up to you how you choose your method, be it on based on what tea you have, level of convenience, occasion, type of Chinese tea you want to brew, etc.

“Serious” Brewing Methods

Why use the more serious methods of brewing Chinese tea?

It simply because that these type of methods are the one that is written in the tea books and manual that you might read. These are the methods that would require a bit of work to get that “ideal” flavor that you are looking for in a cup of tea.

Kung Fu Tea (Small Pot) – This method is not best suited for Green Tea but it is best for Oolong tea and it may be a little inconvenient, only use this method if you do have a lot of spare time in your hand. You’ll need to use Small Yixing Teapot with less than or equal to 6oz, teacups. This type of method is for best for serious tea drinking, or having tea time with friends and if you want extract the best flavor out of your Oolong Tea.

Kung Fu Tea (Large Pot) – as mentioned above this is not well suited for a Green Tea. On this one you will need a Yixing Teapot with greater than 6oz, teacups. This method is a little convenient as compared to using a small Yixing teapot. This is perfect for those long hours meeting or your drinking buddy during long office hours.

Gaiwan (Small) – This method will involve a Porcelain GaiWan with less than or equal to 4oz, teacups. It is ideal for all tea classes and ok for Oolong tea. The level of difficulty of this type of method is medium and is best prepare during friend or acquaintance tea meetings.

“Casual” Brewing Methods

The methods below are simple and straightforward, so I hope you won’t have a difficult time preparing your Chinese Tea with these methods.

Large Gaiwan (Porcelan Teacup) – As mentioned above this type of method is very convenient and easy. You’ll need Gaiwan with greater than 4oz. Green tea and other tea classes are ok to use with these method. This method is use in meeting with friend meetings, wedding ceremonies and high class restaurants.

Glass (Porcelain Mug) – You’ll need a simple water glass on this one, just like the one you use for drinking water. Although all other tea are ok with this method, this is best for flower and green teas.

Porcelain Teapot – You will need a porcelain teapot or teacup on this one. This is best for all kind of teas especially for lower grade ones. This method is usually used while you’re in a Chinese restaurant dim-summing. Also it is best for casual meetings where there are too many friends but too little time.

Kettle – You’ll need to have a small or large bowls and a kettle for this method. This one is perfect for compressed tea and probably the easiest method mentioned in this article. Being used every day for working class and ethnic groups found in South Western China.