Chinese Tea Brewing Methods: How People Are Making Their Tea In China
Follow The Step By Step Guide Here I Teach You How To Brew Chinese Kung Fu Tea
Gaiwan Is The Preferred Method For Brewing Green Teas - Learn How To Make Chinese Tea With A Gaiwan
Chinese Tea: Examples And Pictures Of 8 Chinese Tea Classes

Chinese Tea Brewing Methods

Brewing methods of Chinese tea are closely related to everyday life. On this huge piece of land called China, 1.3 billion people use more than a couple of brewing methods to get their teas done. It's not like looking into a reference book and you can find them all because there are methods so casual that books don't care [...] Read more >>

Learn How to Make Kung Fu Tea

You might be familiar with one of the most popular meanings of "Kung Fu" - Chinese martial arts. But in fact it has more than just this meaning in Chinese - hard work, labor, level of achievement, skill, free time, etc. Kung Fu Tea is the Chinese tea brewing process that has a little bit of all these meanings - you will find out why [...] Read more >>

Chinese Tea Classes

First of all, there is not a class called "tea bag". Tea bags are great for convenience but it's not the subject of discussion on Here, we talk about loose leaf teas that are fresher and tastier. You might have heard of Chinese teas like Oolong tea, green tea, black tea etc. but can you tell [...] Read more >>

Brewing Chinese Tea With a Gaiwan

Gaiwan brewing is the best method for brewing green tea. Gaiwan is a common and casual article to serve tea. You can use larger Gaiwans to brew and then distribute to smaller cups like Kung Fu Tea brewing , you can use smaller Gaiwans (or simply porcelain teacup) and drink directly from it [...] Read more >>

Chinese Tea Customs

In casual occasions, there is tea; in serious occasions, there is, again, tea. The Chinese world would almost not function if tea is taken away from it. We describe parents who long for their sons to get married as "wanting to drink 'daughter-in-law's tea'"[...] Read more >>

What Makes a Good Cup of Chinese Tea

So how do I know I have good quality Chinese tea leaves? Have I made a good cup of Chinese tea? Or a bad cup of Chinese tea? These are attributes to look for in a good cup of Chinese tea. Some, if not all, of these attributes come with the Chinese tea you are brewing, and [...] Read more >>